Instructions to vote.

  1. In a very short headline, state what you want lawmakers to do. (To see demands that already have votes, see here.)

  2. Then enter the number of PowerVotes that you want to cast in support of your demand. The more PowerVotes, the more pressure on lawmakers. These PowerVotes will be yours, period. You can have them returned to you at any time upon request. Even without a request from you, PowerVote may also decide to return them to you at anytime. Once you have your PowerVotes back, you may sell them for whatever the market will bear, donate them to a candidate running against a lawmaker who refused to support what you wanted or whatever else you want to do with them. Note: Your PowerVote Ballot also includes a free two year trial subscription to the PowerVote Refund Alert System. The Alert is an essential part of creating pressure on lawmakers and this subscription is required to vote with PowerVote. When you get an Alert, please take it seriously as it is arranging the return of your PowerVotes. 

  3. Compute your amount owed for your PowerVotes and indicate the preferred method of payment. PowerVote will send you an email to arrange payment. You have 10 days to complete payment for your votes to remain on the system.  

  4. Optional:  State the name of the person whom you would most trust to advise you on your demand.  

  5. Optional: You'll need allies, at least a few. Why not get some extra PowerVotes and sell or give them to other stakeholders of your demand such as key employees, vendors, customers, etc.?  For extra PowerVotes, see here  

Official Secret PowerVote Ballot

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