Targeted lawmakers either support the political demands below or face almost certain defeat during the next election.


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Demands/Leaders (Whips)/PowerVotes

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All of the PowerVotes below are backed by a subscription to the PowerVote Refund Alert System (formerly the PowerVote News).  The Alert informs subscribers of any mass refunds of coins caused by a targeted lawmaker refusing to be whipped by enough PowerVotes on deposit that could either cause his or her defeat for reelection or at least pose a serious risk to it. PowerVote coins can be traded at

Note 1:

The Whip is the person whom you trust to help you drive legislation. Picture a cowboy with a whip driving a herd of cattle. Majority Leaders such as Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi rely on whips to keep lawmakers in line. Even though you rely on your Whip to drive lawmakers, you retain 100% control of your share of the power behind the Whip. Nobody can give your PowerVotes to anyone without your direct permission. Your Whip can only advise you. As long as lawmakers feel your Whip is targeting them consistent with your wishes, they will fear you as your whip gets bigger if they want to keep their jobs.


Note 2

Unlike a Political Action Committee (PAC), there is no legal limit on the number of these PowerVote Bitcoin like blockchain coins that can be contributed to a lawmaker's opponent during an election. The primary reason for this exclusive freedom is that each voter retains 100% control over their PowerVotes. Everything here is just the freedom of speech backed by a subscriber based publication protected by the God given 1st Amendment. 

Note 3:

This column can be used to crack the whip over a lawmaker's head and keep voters informed with what's going on with their demand. Whips can use this column to announce in advance what advice they are considering giving their voters on using PowerVotes to help their cause in the event that PowerVotes are refunded. (The primary reason for a PowerVote refund would be that the votes become considered a bluff that would never be spent to support the cause. Refunding the PowerVotes with target info from the Whip should prove that PowerVotes are not a bluff.) The possible types of advice would include donating PowerVotes to a lawmaker's strongest opponent during an election. Whips could use this column to target lawmakers one at a time and thereby create a political whip that is free from legal limitations. Such a Whip should be able to get political action without the need for any donations at all as long as the PowerVotes are not considered a bluff and the number of votes are great enough. 


You are invited to vote on any demand above.  Is there something else that you would rather have lawmakers do?  Great.  We'd love to list another powerful demand on the Scoreboard above.  It all starts by registering here.