Launch Your Campaign to be a Powervote Leader Today 

Make money for your campaign, attract support and gain powerful influence by selling PowerVotes in suppport of you and your cause. 

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Campaign As If You Were Running for Public Office

Announce your campaign to friends, family and your network and just start campaigning for yourself and your issue.  Run your campaign for Leader just like you would  run a campaign for public office.  This is just a idea because with PowerVote, you're the boss of your own campaign. 


Sell Votes for You and Your Cause

You'll gain political power, visibility and money for your campaign by selling PowerVotes (POW) and subscriptions to the PowerVote Red Alert.  Raise money for your campaign by selling them at whatever the market will bear and you keep the markup.  Trusted campaigns can receive substantial free POW as a bonus too.  


Influence or Even Control Lawmaking

Your PowerVotes have been designed so that even with relatively little support, you should be able to overpower and crush the influence of traditional lobbyists and the institutionalized media. Once lawmakers are free from this grip, your issue should get the consideration it deserves. If your support falls short, just join forces with another Leader.


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