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Welcome to a new and much more powerful way to vote on any law in the U.S.-- old, new or proposed

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New freedom  =

new power

There are behind the scenes laws that prevent citizens like you from having real political power.  Thanks to PowerVote, this tyranny is now over.  PowerVotes have been designed to legally get around these laws.  You are now free.  Learn more

Join with your allies

for real power

No matter how much new freedom PowerVote gives you, in order to have political power, you must be able to join with your allies.  When you cast a PowerVote with the PowerVote System, you are joining your political allies in a way that is much more powerful than anything that you have ever seen before.  Learn more

Your PowerVotes are yours.  Period. 

PowerVotes are political influence over the lawmaking process that you control.  When you cast your PowerVote ballot in support of what you want, you retain 100% ownership of your PowerVotes. This keeps you in 100% control until you decide to sell, trade or donate your PowerVotes. Learn more


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