Freedom from U.S. tyranny

is just 5 minutes away

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If you are a U.S. resident, you can be free from the cornerstone of U.S. tyranny in about five minutes right now.  Once free of this cornerstone, you should eventually be able to free yourself from the rest of your shackles.  To free yourself, you will vote on the political demand of your choice in the only forum in the world where your words are free to become a threat to the jobs of lawmakers. 


  1. Decide what political action that you want to demand.  You can pick a demand that is already backed by votes or you can create your own.  To see the current tally of votes go to

  2. To take ownership of 12,000 PowerVotes cryptocurrency coins and have these votes recorded in support of your demand on the tally, send your political demand with whatever contact information that you're willing to share confidentially with PowerVote to jim@powervote.ioAll votes are kept in the strictest confidence. These PowerVote coins are yours.  You can withdraw them from the tally and take delivery of them at any time.  FREE OFFER AVAILABLE TO U.S. ONLY. The amount of this free offer can be withdrawn or reduced at any time for any reason. 

  3. This is a no obligation free offer.  If you're a U.S. resident and just want to take delivery of your PowerVote coins without voting, please contact PowerVote at to arrange the delivery. 


To understand how political whips are so powerful they can get political action for almost nothing and how you just broke free from the laws that prevent you from using one, please see Tyranny in the U.S: Freedom in Ten Minutes for Free. 


Praise Jesus. You’re free.