Political Action for Free, Almost. 

The Vote Count is the snake's rattle

The core of PowerVote is the tally of the PowerVote ballots that is reported on the Vote Count. The Count  serves a purpose similar to a rattle snake's rattle.  It can alert lawmakers to just how seriously they need to take a political demand.  The more PowerVotes (POW) showing on the Count in support of an issue, the bigger the rattle and the more dangerous the demand.  In the case of PowerVote, the rattle can also attract political allies that can then join the effort and make the rattle even bigger.

PowerVotes (POW) are the venom and they're killer.

Of course no matter how big the rattle, it only has meaning to the extent the snake's venom is deadly.  The POW that show on the Count have been designed to be legally free of campaign finance laws the protect the jobs of lawmakers so that they can become the most politically deadly poison known to an incumbent lawmaker's career.   In fact, just like the most dangerous poisons known to man, POW are uniquely able to cause enormous political havoc at extremely low doses.  Don't worry, it's all legal and non-violent.  As negative as this approach might sound, it's great news for you.  This is your shot at getting the political action you want with nothing more than a big rattle.  If lawmakers listen for the rattle and watch where they tread, POW should never have to be spent or used up.  Once you get the political action that you want, you can use your POW for another issue or just sell them.  That's right, political action for free, almost.  Just like the combination of rattle and poison allows the snake to save himself without spending any poison or harming anyone, PowerVote gives its voters a way to get what they want without ever spending their POW while lawmakers get to keep their jobs.  

More deadly at lower doses than anything ever seen before.

The PowerVote recipe for it's venom has never been tried before.  We believe the result is far more deadly and at far lower doses than anything that you have ever seen.  All the PowerVotes on the Vote Count are free of 52 U.S. Code § 30101(4) and the state equivalents. These are the laws that force grass roots political action groups to be treated as PACS (Political Action Committees). PAC contribution limits prevent them from ever becoming a serious threat to the jobs of lawmakers. In order to get political action for almost nothing, you must have enough freedom of speech to become a threat to lawmaker's jobs.  There's only one place in the world that freedom exists and that's here. 


The score that's true.

Your PowerVote rattle on the Score can be proven to be true if anyone doubts the power of your rattle.  PowerVote is owned and operated by a CPA trained as an auditor at one of the most prestigious audit firms in the world.  The Score and the transactions that back it have have been designed so that they can be audited by independent third parties if the need arises. 


PowerVote is NOT a political group. It's a political weapon. 

If you try to see PowerVote as a political action group you will never figure it out because it's not one. PowerVote is a political weapon. Instead of bullets, PowerVote ammo is the PowerVote coins.  If YOU decide to contribute your coins to a candidate's committee, the candidate can then sell the coins for whatever the market will bear and buy the communication needed to defeat the incumbent you want removed.  Instead being operated by one shooter, PowerVote is aimed and fired by everyone who supports the same political demand with each shooter controlling their own ammo.  Like a gun, PowerVote is pretty much "point and shoot."  You don't need to understand how PowerVote works in order to use it anymore than you need to understand the chemistry of gun powder to use a gun. If you do want to take a deeper dive though and don't think you'll get lost analyzing a complex transaction that frees you from laws that are complex beyond the comprehension of those ruled by those laws, try this article: Flee the Hidden Bondage of U.S. Tyranny Today: Freedom in Five Minutes for Free.