About PowerVote


PowerVote was founded by James A. Todaro, a former Michigan CPA. Mr. Todaro learned his trade at what was at the time one of the most prestigious CPA firms in the world, Arthur Andersen & Co. He also owned his own CPA firm for many years. This training and experience would play a central role in finding the path to freedom from certain very boring and obscure but very powerful campaign finance laws.

PowerVote is simply a way for common citizens to show how much money a political demand is worth to them and use this display of power to influence and control lawmakers without lobbying them or hopefully ever having to spend any money influencing an election. Thanks to freedom that is only available on PowerVote, they can do this virtually free from any legal limitation, at least as a group. The great significance of this freedom is that there is no legal limit on the amount of pressure PowerVotes can put on a targeted lawmaker. Only under rare circumstances or at first to prove its power (as in the atom bomb and Hiroshima) should PowerVotes ever be used to influence elections, be donated in any way or spent.


PowerVotes are cast by depositing PowerVotes (money) with PowerVote in support of a political demand and political Whip (as in “Majority Whip”). The totals of these deposits by political demand and Whip appear on PowerVote’s web page at www.powervote.io. PowerVote can refund deposits to depositors at any time. Every deposit shown on PowerVote is backed by a subscription owned by the depositor to the PowerVote Refund Alert System.  The purpose of the Alert is to accompany any refund triggered by PowerVote with advice from the chosen Whip on how to spend the refund for the sake of the cause. (Participation by the Whips occurs via PowerVote interviewing them, is voluntary on the part of the Whip and certainly is not guaranteed.) The resulting potential campaign contribution of legally unlimited size (for the group) can be turned into similarly unlimited targeted political pressure. To do this Whips simply need to make public the names of the lawmakers who they are targeting, what the Whip is demanding of the lawmakers in order for them to avoid being targeted and the order in which the lawmakers will be targeted. In this way a Whip who is backed by enough PowerVotes to cause the defeat of just one lawmaker of average electoral strength has the potential to drive legislation the way one cowboy with just one whip can drive an entire herd of cattle. None of the cattle want to be the one targeted so they will compete and run from the cowboy to avoid the whip. (This is the tremendous power of freedom of speech and press that Americans don't have without PowerVote and most have little chance of comprehending until PowerVote has its "Hiroshima moment.") Whips can make all this information public again simply by participating in a PowerVote interview. Powervote makes these interviews public on its web page. 


The theory is that if depositors are willing to do without this money in exchange for nothing other than showing their support for a cause and their Whip, then when this money is refunded along with advice from their chosen Whip, they would seriously consider spending this money as advised. They are doing this without a promise or contract, either express or implied, means that any action that they take is totally independent and therefore does not trigger PAC (Political Action Committee) limitations. They are simply acting on shared information that they subscribed to via a paid subscription to a publication that is protected by the First Amendment.


PowerVote is non-partisan and accepts PowerVotes for deposit in support of any political demand or Whip. (Mr. Todaro owns PowerVote and is legally responsible for it’s content and therefore reserves all rights as to what he decides to publish.) PowerVotes, a crypto currency similar to Bitcoin, is the only money PowerVote accepts for deposit.


PowerVote accepted its first PowerVotes for deposit in October of 2018. PowerVotes have yet to be used by subscribers to influence an election. Mr. Todaro believes that this event, when it occurs, will be PowerVote’s “Hiroshima moment” when the tremendous power of the freedom that is only found here will be proven.