Vote on what you want lawmakers to do. Put pressure on them beyond your wildest dreams. 


Secretly vote here on any issue that can be controlled by government: federal, state and local.  Vote to change any law: old, new or proposed.


Warning: PowerVote is not a public opinion poll. You have never had power like this before. Expect those in power who you are challenging for influence over lawmakers to be extremely upset. Fear not, the noises you hear won't amount to much more than those of cattle protesting being driven by a cowboy with a powerful whip because that is pretty much what's happening.    

Just like a car, PowerVote works whether or not you know why. If you want to learn more though, start here   

Vote here to be free of any U.S. tyranny.

If government is taking advantage of you, the choice is now yours as to whether or not you are going to put up with it. If you choose for it to end, then simply vote here against it. It's that simple.  As long as your demand for freedom attracts a FEW other votes here, lawmakers should have almost no other choice but to give you what you want. Vote here.

Your vote here puts pressure on lawmakers beyond your wildest dreams.

Your vote with PowerVote is terrifying to lawmakers. In an early test of PowerVote, just two people voting with PowerVote put it on the front pages in Vermont after the President ProTempore of the Vermont Senate screamed bloody murder. You have never had power like this before.  Learn more

Your votes here give power to no one but yourself. 

Your votes here are raw political power that you own and control until you decide to dispose of it. This total control assures that your vote here gives no one power but yourself.